Why You Should Include Fish Oil In Your Diet

Health care experts around the world have long been singing the praises of including cold-water fish in the diet.  There are numerous reasons why we should be eating more fish, but so many of us still don’t eat the suggested 8 ounces of fish per week, and most of us eat less than even half of the recommended amount.  Thankfully, fish oil supplements are readily available, and are a great way for everybody to enjoy all of the wonderful benefits of consuming fish.

Fish oil has something to offer everyone, and the following is just a list of some the ways that including a fish oil product in your diet can help out.

  1. Brain Health. We know that certain foods are great for keeping the brain in shape, and the healthy fats in fish are at the top of the list. Numerous studies have been shown to enhance and protect normal cognitive function well into the later years of life, and those who routinely consume fish and fish supplements report suffering fewer bouts of depression.
  1. Cardiovascular Health. This is usually the top reason that so many people begin consuming fish oil in the first place. Fish is rich in the healthy fats known as EPA and DHA, both of which are key in keeping the heart healthy, and maintaining a healthy cholesterol profile.
  1. Joint Health. The same healthy fatty acids that are important for keeping the heart strong are also great choices for anyone that suffers from joint pain. EPA and DHA have excellent anti-inflammatory properties, and help restore the natural lubrication between joints.  Fish oils are also thought to slow down the progression of arthritic conditions.  Nowadays, more and more runners and bodybuilders are including fish oil in their diets to offset some of the impact that they place their joints through on a regular basis.

It’s easy to see why everyone should be consuming more fish, but for those who don’t, fish oil supplementation can be a quick and easy way to still enjoy all of the great benefits.  Fish oil supplements typically come in easy-to-swallow soft gels, although liquids are readily available, and a daily dosage contains all of the healthy fats that you’d get in eating a serving of cold-water fish.

One of the concerns that sometimes keep people from including fish in their whole food diet is any unwanted Mercury.  Mercury is a natural metal substance that is found in certain varieties of fish, and over the last few years, more people have become concerned about consuming too much of it when eating fish.  Fish oil supplements are processed to remove as much of the Mercury as possible, and in many cases, most of it is completely removed, or only a negligible amount remains, making fish oil supplements a great option for those worried about over-consumption.

It’s simple for anyone to start reaping all of the great rewards of consuming fish, and while it is worth noting that some fish oil products can produce an unwanted “fish-burp” effect, many companies have taken steps to reduce or eliminate the fishy aftertaste.  Fish products come in different forms and dosages, and some, such as Krill, offer additional joint protection benefits, so there is a formula out there for everybody!

Fish Oil
Fish Oil