Make The Switch to Vegan Protein

Even if you don’t use supplements, you’re no doubt familiar with the concept of protein shakes.  It’s the first thing we think of when we entertain the idea of starting to follow a healthy and active lifestyle.  And while the idea of chugging thick, calorie dense shakes may be a thing of the past, there’s no denying that a daily protein supplement does deserve a place in everyone’s diet.

The list of benefits behind supplementing your diet with additional protein is endless.  Protein contains amino acids, which are necessary for maintaining and repairing healthy muscle tissue.  Those same amino acids are also used in boosting our immune systems, balancing out our hormones, and in the building of just about every structure inside of our bodies.  While many experts argue the point of exactly how much protein the average individual needs to consume everyday, it can be agreed upon that trying to consume adequate protein can be difficult for those who are trying to do so in a health-conscious manner.  Since the highest levels of protein are found in animal products, eating a bunch of red meat and poultry can prove to be expensive and inconvenient, not to mention unhealthy, due to unwanted fats and cholesterol.

Supplement manufacturers have long been addressing the need for a quick and simple way to hit one’s daily protein goals, via powdered protein shakes.  Mostly everyone is familiar with Whey Protein, which is a dairy based product.  But whey can be hard for someone who is lactose intolerant, and can sometimes contain high levels of fat and sugar.  Plus, for individuals that are vegetarian, dairy based products may not be a suitable option.

Vegetarian protein products have gained a lot of traction in the supplement market over the last few years.  Sometimes culled from a single source, but oftentimes offered as a blend of several different types of natural bases, vegetarian proteins can be a lifesaver for those that steer clear of meat and dairy.  A single serving can provide as much protein as a chicken breast or a 4 oz. serving of red meat, and can supply the body with all of the amino acids that are essential for muscle growth and repair.  Vegetarian proteins also tend to lack the cholesterol that is sometimes naturally occurring in dairy based proteins, and is also minus any unnecessary saturated fats.

Of added benefit, is that vegetarian proteins tend to have a healthy dose of fiber as well.  Fiber is excellent in maintaining healthy blood cholesterol levels and promoting regularity.  In that regard, vegetarian protein shakes offer value above and beyond what you’d get in a typical whey product.

In the past, non-dairy based proteins have been hard to flavor, but as time has passed and the manufacturing processes have improved, many products today have a taste that rivals even your favorite milkshake.   For those who follow a vegetarian lifestyle, consuming adequate amounts of protein used to be difficult, but with all of the great vegetarian proteins available, it’s easy to find a product that can help the fitness-minded reach their goals, or that can be of benefit to anyone that’s just looking for a quick and healthy snack during the day.

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