Get Rid Of Fish Oil Burps With Krill Oil

You’ve read the research that supports including more fish into your diet.  The studies are out there, and they suggest that people who eat at least 2 servings of fish per week have lower instances of heart disease.  But for personal reasons, which may include taste and cost, many Americans just don’t comply.  Thankfully, fish oil supplements have been shown to be just as effective at helping improve the health of our cardiovascular system, and with more people wanting to take advantage of all of the great benefits, supplement manufacturers have risen to the challenge of producing quality products that minimize some of the less pleasant effects of fish products (nobody likes fish burps!).

In striving to create products that offer the most bang for the buck, an oil that comes from small crustaceans was found to be far superior to regular fish products.  Known as Antarctic Krill Oil, it quickly rose to prominence within the fish oil supplement market.  While it offers a lot of the same benefits as other fish oil products, Krill Oil outperforms them in a few different ways.

The reason why it’s suggested that we consume fish is that they’re a naturally rich source of Omega-3 fatty acids.  These heart healthy fats help keep cholesterol levels low and promote normal blood pressure levels.  Krill provides the same Omega-3’s, but also contains an antioxidant known as Astaxanthin, which is considered to be one of the most potent antioxidants available.  Astaxanthin in and of itself promotes a strong heart, and it also appears to boost the already impressive abilities of Omega-3’s.

The fatty acids in fish also offer advantages for anyone concerned about their joints.  While regular fish supplements may serve as great preventative maintenance for those wanting to keep their joints healthy, Krill can provide relief to anyone suffering from arthritis. The same Astaxanthin that keeps the heart strong can also help quell the pain and inflammation of arthritic conditions.

You probably wouldn’t guess it, but our brains are comprised of about 60% fat.  As we age, our cognitive abilities decline, but researchers believe that ingesting Omega-3 fatty acids can help keep our brains sharp as a tack.  Fish supplements are abundant in two types of Omega 3 fatty acids, known as EPA and DHA, of which DHA is most effective in preserving brain health.  Krill oil is also rich in EPA and DHA, but delivers it in such a way that the body can use it much more efficiently than regular fish oil products.

One common complaint of fish supplements is that they taste like, well, fish.  Even worse, as the body digests the supplement, the taste and smell can re-emerge as a rather unpleasant fish burp.  Krill doesn’t typically produce the same result, meaning that not only can enjoy all the wonderful things that omega fatty acids have to offer, but you also don’t have to give up your social life.

Krill Oil
Krill Oil